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We spend all day thinking of ways to energize brands with smart creative.

Arcanna, Inc. is a NY based boutique marketing agency built by a team of MBA's and creative business professionals, each with 25+ years experience and a notable history of brand leadership.

Bob and Steve FrissoraThe agency was founded in 1989 by Robert N. and Steven C. Frissora and complimented by Sondra Shoultz-Greenspan, CCO in 1998.

Arcanna takes a multi-cultural approach to branding, looking for synergy with consumer wants, needs and desires in an ever changing ethnic dynamic.

Their Salad Bowl Branding™ discovery process begins with preliminary market research to help gain insight on trends and growth opportunities and helps brands hold the national aisle by better targeting key product benefits.

If you manage a brand, are looking to launch a new item or need to improve your marketing efforts, contact the team to get some fresh ideas and a professional perspective.

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